1     The client hereby appoints Coral Sea Mercantile as it representative agent acting on the clients behalf, at the agreed scaled commission rates for the purposes of collection of debts owing to the client and for the provision of all related service in this process

2     Coral Sea Mercantile has the right to increase charges at any time. The client will be given thirty days written notice of changes to rates/fees.

3     Coral Sea Mercantile will strictly adhere to the clients instructions when carrying out services in accordance to the proposal and Terms and Conditions.

4     All accounts that are referred to Coral Sea Mercantile for collection and are subsequently retracted, settled with the debtor directly or otherwise finalised are still liable to pay all the costs, commission and other fees, as agreed in the contract. Settlements are subject to Coral Sea Mercantile commission costs or other fees where goods or merchandise have been returned for credit or contra.

5     Where the client agrees to have any account settled by the way of installments, each and every such installment will be subject to commission at the relevant rate as outlined in these Terms    and Conditions and the proposal.

6     When Coral Sea Mercantile receives written authorisation from the client, Coral Sea   Mercantile will engage a solicitor to commence legal proceedings/court action on behalf of the     client. The client is responsible to pay legal/professional costs incurred during litigation. Be aware that litigation does not guarantee the recovery of a delinquent debt.

7     The client gives Coral Sea Mercantile authority to receive all monies collected, and to hold     the same in trust for the client, subject always to the right of Coral Sea Mercantile to deduct any and all monies that may otherwise be due by the client to Coral Sea Mercantile, when outside Coral Sea Mercantiles usual trading terms as stated in the Terms and conditions, proposal. The client also gives permission to Coral Sea Mercantile to bank any third party cheques into its trust account.

8     The total amounts of monies contained on the Statement/Invoices are due and payable to Coral Sea Mercantile, by the client, within thirty days from which the date of the Statement/Invoice applies. Any monies outstanding after the period stated above shall incur interest of no less than 10% p.a, calculated on a daily basis, until such time as the total due together with all accrued interest is paid. In the event of the client defaulting in payment, Coral Sea Mercantile reserves the right to deduct any amounts owing by the client to Coral    Sea Mercantile from funds collected.

9   The company is indemnified, by the client, and shall remain so indemnified, from all damages, actions, claims of demands which may be sustained or suffered or directed against the company by any person/s or organisation for any loss, damage or injury of any kind what-so-ever which any such person/s or organisation may sustain or purport to have sustained as a result of any actions taken by the company, upon the client’s instructions, and on the client’s behalf.

10   The company states the commission for the monies collected at present is 15% + Gst, and a minimum commission for each account is $10.00

11 Every file/debtor placed will incur a placement fee $5.00 + Gst