What are the best tactics to manage a debt collector?

Have you left any debt repayment? Don’t worry. When you are going to deal with the debt recovery officers or debt collection companies, you have a lot of rights for debt repayment and this is due to Fair Debt collection practices Act. Thanks to them. There are some tactics give below which you should know when you deal with the any debt collector or debt collection agency.

Create information in writing:

You should make any agreement in written form and also signed it by a creditor regarding to the debt collection before any installment of debt repayment. This will help you understand the payment which you have to repay and also the time period of the payment.

A debt collector representative will first call you and address the issue about payment due and after that debt collection company will send you a written letter about your due payments and creditor name and also he will write what he can do if you are not going to pay the money in within the time frame.

Send a dispute letter to debt Collection Company:

If you don’t owe any money and debt collection company send you a letter for debt recovery, then write a dispute letter and stating that you don’t owe any money and don’t contact me again. You should also keep a copy of that letter for further proceeding, if debt collection company will again disturb you. The letter should be certified by attorney otherwise they will ignore the letter and will disturb you again and again for payment.

Fair debt collection practices act also gives a right to the debt collector that if they have any evidence in written form that you owe any payment, then you have to repay it otherwise it can be a big issue and the result can be not good.

Record the calls and messages:

Remember that, keep records of phone calls, messages, emails and letters, this will make your case stronger. Write down everything like time of the phone call, duration of the conversation with debt collectors and also write the money he asked you to repay.

Restrictions for debt collectors:

There are many restrictions on debt collectors for the debt recovery

They cannot use abusive language

They cannot harass you by calling again and again

They cannot call you after 9:00 P.M unless you agree on this time.

If you deny taking a call in office then they cannot call you.

They cannot harass your family about your debt.

They can threat you only about taking legal action.

You should know your rights of the debt repayment. Most of debt collectors use different ways because the most people don’t know their rights and they scared of them and then repay them. You can also find a debt management company which has a lot of experience in debt management.

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